Advisory Board

Subbu Ponnuswamy

Seasoned technologist and entrepreneur

Subbu Ponnuswamy is a seasoned technologist and entrepreneur with a long history in developing and commercializing enterprise solutions, including zero trust network access, wireless, and software-defined networking. Since 1999, he has been instrumental in numerous technology startups. Before venturing into startups, Subbu worked at renowned companies like Honeywell, Inc. and Sequent Computer Systems.

Recently, Subbu founded and served as CTO of Cloudbrink Inc. He also held CTO roles at Kodacloud (Facebook) and Mojo Networks (Arista). As an early member of Aruba Networks’ technology team, he spent over a decade contributing to its growth. Subbu has served and continues to serve as a key advisor or founder in various startups, working on a range of cutting-edge technologies and solutions, including AI, enterprise networking and security, medical technology, and nutrition models.

Subbu’s expertise extends to building software and hardware products leveraging cloud, AI, distributed systems, wireless, and networking technologies. He is a co-author of a book, has numerous technical publications, and holds approximately 100 issued patents. Subbu also acts as a subject matter expert on wireless technologies and intellectual property and is currently working on his next venture in the enterprise space. Subbu holds a BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering and an MS in Computer Engineering.